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New patio cover installation in Ventura went well

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A new patio cover installation in Ventura County went very well today. Summer is closing in and our new clients needed a patio cover to protect them from the heat.

The decorative style and easy to maintain, long lasting affordability of aluminum patio covers made them a great selection for our new customer in Ventura County. Molded into the shape and texture of real wooden beams beams are used to create a elegant and structurally sound patio cover that will last for decades.

The open lattice patio cover installation went remarkably smooth and we were in and out of the backyard in less than a day.


Open Lattice Aluminum Patio Cover

aluminum patio covers

Patio Covers in Ventura done right

jb patio covers

There are many reason to have a new patio cover installation with aluminum patio covers. Here are a few great reasons:

  • The price is one you can’t beat
  • Long lasting and reliable
  • They look just like wooden beams
  • The lifetime warranty is a great value
  • They’re not very heavy and easy to clean

Here are a few more photos of our latest patio cover installation in Ventura County.

open lattice patio covers patio cover patio covers aluminum

patio cover installation patio cover installation details open lattice

patio cover summertime patio covers install details aluminum patio covers

Contact JB and we’ll give you a free estimate on your new patio covers and get you in the shade enjoying your summer in no time!

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